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saveBOARD Exposed pre-finished internal wall & ceiling boards are a unique design feature for any residential or commercial project. The core of the product is made from shredded and compressed composite packaging, which can be seen through the transparent facing sheet. Aesthetically it allows the occupants to see the makeup of the board, while giving the user a sustainable and superior performing product.

It's a durable, moisture and mould resistant wall & ceiling lining ideal for garages, accent walls, industrial spaces, hallways and other high traffic areas. The colour is created from the original consumer packaging by segregating the feed stock into different colours groups on arrival prior to manufacture.



  • Interior Wall and Ceilings

  • Garage lining instead of plywood or plasterboard

  • High impact areas

  • Commercial spaces where wear marks on the surface won't be noticeable due to textured finish.


10mm, 12mm


2400mm to 3000mm


  • Pre-finished Interior Wall and Ceiling Board.

  • Square finished edges

  • No need to paint, plaster or cover fixings

  • Every board is different, but made from the same feedstock material to provide a consistent blend of colours.

  • Screw anything direct to the surface, no need to find studs.

  • Available in a range of colours and patterns (made from waste) which are dependent on which product being processed.

  • Can be used in wind and seismic bracing applications.

  • Mould resistant

  • Water repellent 

  • ZERO Water, Glues, Chemicals, VOC's and Formaldehydes 

saveBOARD is a US proven product with > 12 years in-service history. The product has been successfully tested (in the US) to meet all appropriate International Building Code requirements for Interior Walls and Ceilings. saveBOARD has been recently tested in New Zealand for NZBC structural bracing requirements and demonstrates performance above NZ market leading products. 

Over the coming months, we will prepare all the necessary documentation to demonstrate that saveBOARD meets all obligations under s14G of the Building Act. Subscribe for email updates to be notified as we publish compliance documentation.

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