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saveBOARD can be used as a Green & Low Carbon alternative to commonly used materials on both residential and commercial construction projects. The illustration below gives a number of areas where saveBOARD can be used as a substitution. Our Embodied Energy Report is available to download here.

saveBOARD is also recognised as 1 of 5 product substitutions for plasterboard in New Zealand. Check out the following link for further information MBIE Approved Plasterboard Substitute Guidance


 The New Zealand Green Building council (NZGBC) has determined that SaveBOARD products are in line with the Sustainable Products credit under the tool Green Star - Design & As Built NZv1.0. While the credit encourages sustainability and transparency in the product specification of new builds saveBOARD meets the sustainability initiative of 21B recycled content with a 0.99 Sustainability factor (SF).


Interior Wall & Ceiling Board
75% < CO2 than plasterboard.

Exposed Pre-Finished Interior
Wall & Ceiling Board
50% < CO2 than Plywood


Rigid Air Barrier
90% < CO2 than Fibre cement board

Floor underlayment.jpg

saveBOARD Flooring Alternative to Fibre Cement


The USA version of saveBOARD provided the membrane roof substrate (the board underneath the waterproof surface) for the Tesla Gigafactory One, in Sparks Nevada. The Gigafactory has a roof area of approximately 200,000 m2; which equates to up-cycling 2,000 tons of composite plastics in this single roof. This one roof saves 336,000 kgs of embodied CO2 compared to using a plywood substrate.

exposed board_white.jpg


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