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saveBOARD is a new venture backed by Tetra Pak, Freightways and Closed Loop. 


Freightways Limited
Freightways is focused on building a circular economy with their core capabilities in pick-up, processing and delivery to help businesses close the loop on waste solutions. This partnership allows us to fully realise a commitment to circular waste solutions with minimal carbon kilometres all whilst providing a new strategic growth category.


Tetra Pak 

More than just monetary figures for us. It's the right thing to do - to help reduce dependency on waste export channels and help facilitate a solution that improves the local collection and recycling infrastructure. This solution will also allow us to demonstrate our contribution to a low carbon economy.


Closed Loop Environmental Solutions (CLES) are innovators in Waste Upcycling, and are changing how people collect, treat and reuse waste. ClosedLoop is committed to building a circular economy by helping our partners keep waste out of landfill, and turning waste back into products that re-enter the local supply chain, eliminating future landfill. 

Closed Loop started Simply Cups, Australia's leading coffee cup recycling program, soon expanding in New Zealand. Coffee cups can be used as material for Save Board.