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saveBOARD understands the importance of establishing that a building product is fit for purpose.  All good buildings start with good building products.  The documentation attached for each product demonstrates that saveBOARD meets all obligations under s14G of the Building Act. Independent NZ third party experts have assessed the US test certification and recent NZ test reports to confirm product performance meets the NZ Building Code requirements.


saveBOARD is recognised as 1 of 5 product substitutions for plasterboard in New Zealand. Check out the following information by MBIE Approved Plasterboard Substitute Guidance. Our boards are made from the same composite packaging for every product; however we are able to change the facing material for each different applications and intended scope of use. Typical facing materials include recycled paper, fibreglass and ceramic paper.


The New Zealand Green Building council (NZGBC) has determined that SaveBOARD products are in line with the Sustainable Products credit under the tool Green Star - Design & As Built NZv1.0. While the credit encourages sustainability and transparency in the product specification of new builds saveBOARD meets the sustainability initiative of 21B recycled content with a 0.99 Sustainability factor (SF).

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Exposed Internal Lining

Roofing substrate2.jpg

Roofing Substrate
10mm, 12mm


6mm, 12mm


Paperfaced Internal Lining

10mm, 12mm


betterBRACE Rigid Air Barrier


Ceiling Tiles

Anchor 1
exposed board_orange.jpg


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