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saveBOARD roofBOARD is engineered to be durable, moisture, and mould resistant panel, which will not disintegrate or delaminate in the presence of water. Our roofBOARD has been used extensively in the USA for > 12 years in real-world installations in the harshest climates prove its unmatched resilience. The most iconic project to date is the roof underlay of the Tesla Gigafactory One in Sparks Nevada. 

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  • Exterior Roofing Substrate 

  • Roofing Cover Board

  • For use with TPO, EPDM, PVC, and Asphalt Emulsion

  • Alternative to Plywood or OSB (Oriented Strand Board) for roofing substrate applications

  • STC Rating of 30dBA at 10mm thickness board only


10mm, 12mm

LENGTH - All 1200mm wide

2400mm to 3000mm


  • Fibreglass faced roofing substrate.

  • High impact & load applications

  • Noise attenuation with high STC rating - 30dBA at 10mm thickness board only

  • Water repellent 

  • ZERO Water, Glues, Chemicals added. VOC's and Formaldehydes are < 5% of the Green Building Standard (0.005mg/m2/hr) 

  • 13 years of in-service history in the USA, including the Tesla GigaFactory, multiple Target Department Stores, Microsoft, Palms Theater.

  • Declare label: Our products have been determined to meet the requirements for all applicable Imperatives of the Living Building Challenge

  • Embodied Energy calculations have been completed for our products for a 'cradle to gate' life cycle.


saveBOARD is a US proven product with > 18 years in-service history. The product has been successfully tested in New Zealand and can be used as a structural bracing unit and demonstrates performance above NZ market leading products. 

The documentation attached clearly demonstrates that saveBOARD meets all obligations under s14G of the Building Act. 

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