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If you are seeking perfection, then saveBOARD is not for you. Use a brand new product that hasn't been used to give you a flawless finish or look. We create something beautiful from everyday packaging waste that would normally go to landfill and upcycle into sustainable building products.

Paperfaced Texture

Paperfaced 3 - TI_edited.jpg
  • The surface of our boards have a natural texture. The core of our board is made from shredded particles rather than a perfect sanded surface. It has a orange peel texture that replicates the shredded particles beneath the surface.

  • The textured surface is most obvious when directly next to a sanded plaster joint, which is perfectly smooth.

  • Options are 1) Full skim coat (level 5 finish) or 2) Use a semi-rough paint roller to closely match the texture.

  • Alternatively, buy our square edge Paperfaced internal lining and don't plaster and paint directly over the surface.

Veins & Press Marks

  • Our boards are made on a continuous process however, each board goes through 3x individual presses. Each press can leave a visible press line. This is not a defect, just the tiny gap between one plate and another. The press line is more visible on our Fibreglass faced and Paperfaced products.

  • The saveBOARD Exposed internal lining is susceptible to longitudinal veins caused as the material is compressed. 

Air Bubbles

  • Our Paperfaced internal lining is susceptible to air bubbles caused when steam is trapped under the paper surface. This does not mean the board is structurally weak; it just means the steam prevented the paper adhering to the core of the board.

  • If your saveBOARD product comes with any small air bubbles, we recommend either 1) sanding them out with P80 sand paper over the surface or 2) remove the bubble with a craft knife to cut away the paper before plaster stopping over the area or 3) Use a house hold clothes iron - put on highest temperature 'Linen' and iron area over bubble for at least 30secs should adhere paper to core.

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