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saveBOARD Ceiling Tiles is a unique structural composite panel made from 100% upcycled materials. The core of the product is made from shredded and compressed composite packaging, which can be seen through the transparent facing sheet. Aesthetically it allows the occupants to see the makeup of the board, while giving the user a sustainable and superior performing product.

It's a durable, moisture and mould resistant ceiling tile, suitable for commercial & industrial spaces. The colour is created from the original consumer packaging by segregating the feed stock into different colours groups on arrival prior to manufacture. 
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  • Commercial ceiling tiles

  • Material Group 3 fire rating. However, we can achieve Material Group 2 fire rating with a factory applied intumescent paint.

  • Any penetrations require cutting with mechanical tools (skill saw, drills)




595mm x 1195mm 


  • Engineered composite board for interior ceiling applications.

  • Noise attenuation

  • Mould resistant

  • Water repellent 

  • ZERO Water, Glues, Chemicals added. VOC's and Formaldehydes are < 1% of the Green Building Standard (0.004mg/m2/hr) 

  • Declare label: Our products have been determined to meet the requirements for all applicable Imperatives of the Living Building Challenge.

  • Embodied Energy calculations have been completed for our products for a 'cradle to gate' life cycle.

saveBOARD is a US proven product with > 12 years in-service history. The product has been successfully tested (in the US) to meet all appropriate International Building Code requirements for Interior Walls and Ceilings. 

The documentation attached clearly demonstrates that saveBOARD meets all obligations under s14G of the Building Act. We now have third party experts provide compliance statement (suitable for industry use) confirming that the US test certification combined with NZ testing demonstrates equivalence to NZ Building Code requirements.

Issued May 2022

Architects & Specifiers

Architects and specifiers document set includes 'Download Everything' excluding the maintenance sheet & warranty documents. If you need these, please download everything.

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