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If you are a company wanting to see if saveBOARD can use your packaging waste then please make contact with us.

It is a paid service and a gate fee will be charged on all suitable material. We receive no government subsidies and need to charge a fee to make sure we are a financially sustainable business.


If you want to buy our products, then please reach out to us directly or to our distributor.

We are in the process of stocking a number of our products in retail outlets around New Zealand however this takes time.

We have stock in hand and manufacture locally, so we aren't effected by international shipping or price fluctuations as other products are.

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We are working with local government and community groups to develop drop off points around the country for used beverage cartons. Our ultimate goal is for used beverage cartons to be collected at curb side in the 'blue recycling bin' around New Zealand.

Click on the link below to take you to a list of all our regional drop off centers.

take your

saveBOARD also provides a product stewardship programme (take back) for our own products rather than create another waste problem.


During construction any off cuts or end of life waste saveBOARD products can be separated at source into a saveBOARD FlexiBag or dropped off at our collection sites instead of going to landfill.

We can remanufacture any offcuts and end of life waste into new saveBOARD products providing a circular solution.

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