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Low Carbon Building Materials made from Upcycled packaging 

Made in New Zealand & Australia; healthy, affordable, high performance, low carbon building materials that make a circular economy an everyday reality. 


We take everyday packaging waste and upcycle it into high performing building materials - durable, inherently moisture and mould resistant.


Our board products are also 100% recyclable (by saveBOARD) as all recovered offcuts and end of life products can be remanufactured into new boards providing a circular solution.

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Not PerfECT

If you are seeking perfection, then saveBOARD is not for you. However, our clients love using saveBOARD and know they are making a difference with every saveBOARD product used.

At saveBOARD we start with waste packaging and turn it into something beautiful. However as with our raw ingredients; there are lines, creases, press marks and veins in the finished surface. These are not defects, however they are part of our story as we process everyday packaging waste and turn it into sustainable building products.

save board in action

The board products have > 12 years in-service history in the US and are now being manufactured in New Zealand. Our patented technology uses only heat, pressure and time to make our Building Products.


No additives; ZERO Glues, ZERO Chemicals, ZERO Adhesives - The plastic in the packaging is our glue. 


Click on the link below to explore the technology and a selection of completed projects.



All our board products are available online for purchase including shipping options. 


Interior products are made to the following standard lengths of 2.4/2.7/3.0m and our Exterior products to 2.45/2.75/3.05m to allow for flooring overhang.


saveBOARD is one piece of the puzzle to help grow New Zealand's circular economy. We need people to reduce waste, reuse materials, refill their containers and recycle. 


Our business will make a real impact to the environment and climate change. Our plant can upcycle 4,000,000kg of packaging waste per year into low carbon sustainable building materials. We would love to add a second line in the future to make an even bigger impact.


Follow us and stay connected and ultimately buy our competitively priced products. Every saveBOARD product purchased saves 25kg of packaging waste from going to landfill. 

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